Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday's Table at the Farmhouse

I am so happy my friend Jenn of Rabbit Hill Primitives
reminded us that this past Saturday, January 23rd was
National Pie Day!
American Pie Day was created by the National Pie Council
I didn't know there is a National Pie Council ~ did you?
The National Pie Celebration began in 1986

I Love to make pies...love, love, love!
I starting making these a few years ago

These are so fun to make
I use straight sided 4 oz. mason jars
2 - 9 inch pie dough recipe makes about 11 pies
Make your favorite pie dough
You can use store bought if you want
I never made the store bought but I don't know why it wouldn't work
Take a small amount of chilled dough and roll out into a circle
I make these so often I measure the dough (2 oz.)
Roll out a circle about 6 inches round
Tuck the dough into the jar trying not to stretch the dough
Form dough around the entire inside of the jar
It's a little tricky at first 
Fill with your favorite filling and have fun with the top dough crust
Bake at 375 for 30-40 minutes
If you make a lot at one time you can freeze and bake before serving 
If frozen put in cold oven and bake at 350 for 1 hr.
I made these for a wedding at the farmhouse
My friend Karen came and helped
It's fun making and baking with friends
I marked January 23 on my calendar for next year
I come from a long line of pie makers
For sure a celebration in my house!
Happy spouse day Farmer Dave!
Another reason to celebrate!
                          Love, Audrey Ann


Monday, January 25, 2016


I asked my bride a week ago ~ What is your yearly rhyme this year?
2009 will be fine
2008 will be great ~ but her mom died in 2008 ~
fun phrases but not always true ~ there is sadness sometimes

 my bride ~ she always sees the world with love
at times when love was not shown to her
her friends say
"she is the most go with the flow girl" or
"what kind of creamer is in her morning coffee?"
her daddy said "she's so happy, it makes him dizzy"
I understand what he was saying!

She answered ~ ah oh ~ seriously
This year let's finish all our unfinished projects


The bathroom trim, the extra railing on the Walker House, the deck off our back door, the barn

Unfinished ~ I think she was talking to herself

She couldn't decide how we were going to finish off the trim
The extra railing is not unfinished, that's a new project (small)
The deck, that's not unfinished, that should be ripped off and put in the
The barn ~ my bride came home and decided it should be cream
so we painted it cream   ~ then RED ~ so I thought why do all sides until she is sure ~ she is sure so I agree we need to paint it all red.

The bathroom wall & trim is complete ~ we are off to a good start
no matter what

I asked again   What is the rhyme this year? 
She said the theme this year is SMALL BATCHES

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


It's so cold here in Western Pa. today but the sun is shining bright through the window so I sat and had tea with Grandpa Pilston.  I was pondering about this blog ~ another blog. I've always loved blogging.  It's so easy to share. I have made life long friends through blogging.  They are so friendly, encouraging, inspirational. 

I was thinking of Tuesday's Table at the Farmhouse, Farmhouse Friday ~ easy to remember ~ I looked on-line ~ oh my!
Sunday Salt ~ Tuesday's Table ~ Wordless Wednesday ~ Thankful Thursday ~
 Farm Girl Friday ~ High Five Friday ~ Sew Simple Saturday ~
So many catchy phrases ~ they are all great!
I love organization ~ I work at it ~ I need a few phrases
to keep my thought process organized ~ it's how I am wired

It still might have to be Tuesday's Table at the Farmhouse

We are so excited to be working on our new website

One of the reasons (besides we need a fresh one) ~
Organization for me ~ for farmer Dave
A place where we will have all the information our customers need
A place to sell our blacksmith, candles and lavender items
A place for First Friday's ~ WHAT?! Yes!
First Friday of the month on-line shop
Just a few items ~ antiques ~ vintage ~ farm
A catchy phrase? no ~ organization for me ~ for farmer Dave

Enough pondering ~
Onto playing

               Wishing you a wonderful day, love,  Audrey Ann

Thursday, January 14, 2016


Yes, we are a husband and wife team
as the old saying goes we are joined at the hip
but we are wired differently
EVERY January my bride decides to organize and purge
This year she is organizing BIG TIME


I wondered what's with the shoes because she organized and put them in boxes last year. She said they would stay cleaner and easier to find. She gave tons of shoes to Goodwill last year.  Now I understand. She couldn't see what color were in the boxes.

Huge bags went to Goodwill yesterday ~ yes she uses wooden hangers ~ it's a retail thing but plastic would be fine with me

She said someone will think she has too much time on her hands but in the long run doing this saves time...for her. 

Now we will find things easier and faster and have more time for our family, fun times and business ~ now I understand ~ ALMOST
Now onto real organizing! stacking wood!

                                      until the next time folks ~ farmer Dave

Monday, January 11, 2016


This is my third time at blogging
First time as husband and wife team
We will be working on details for our farm shop today
It's so cold outside ~ a good day to be at the computer
I kept this serving fork ~ I love the tiny flowers engraved at the end
I kept this homespun fabric ~ tattered ~ old repairs
A local piece of fabric from a local sheep farm

Farmer Dave thought it would be fun to mix up photos
for our advertising postcards.
He was thinking vintage!
Twenty years ago
We will be working on all the details today
Love having my husband as a business partner!

Wishing you a wonderful day ~ farmer Dave and Audrey Ann