Monday, April 25, 2016


My baby boy was born on Earth Day. 
Not too many celebrated earth day when he was born.
Some parties were Earth Day themed. One year in grade school farmer Dave painted the earth on every cookie, we had tree cookies...and all the boy themes like tractor rides in the woods.
There was a time it was the two of us...until Farmer Dave....
Every Birthday is special...
my mother taught me birthday's are special

My dad on the couch...never missed his parties...they were buddies

This year was a little different
in the past year he walked down the aisle
and he has walked down the aisle...many times

This time down the aisle was different a married man
This was his first birthday to celebrate as a married man
She is so beautiful...inside and out
and his grandpa in heaven couldn't be more we all are
as we believe in all the saints that went before us