Sunday, October 29, 2017


If you read farmer Dave's last blog post I want you to know how grateful we are.  After his blog post we received so many calls, messages and cards. Wanting to save all the cards we put them in a special basket that our friend Ken gave us when he stopped by on his way home to New England.  Every time I passed by the basket I felt so blessed and asked the Lord to bless others in return. Your concerns are heart warming ~ I am getting better but not 100% yet. I've had a blood issue and without going into details I am making my own blood again so I am on the right track.
My friend Judy told me that every time her life got better she just went through a battle of some kind. I can relate and felt that this was one of those times. When you don't have your health it's so frightening and really ~ well really.  Farmer Dave and I have so many of the same traits and keeping our plate too full is one of them.  Not a good trait for both to have in a marriage. WE are working at keeping the plate less full. This health scare has changed how we think. We decided to have the shop open only during workshops and small events.  You can never get time back. We decided we wanted to be more free to be at home and travel. Farmer Dave put the reigns on. So once the doctor gave me the okay to get out and move more I tried not to be the jockey on the horse coming out of the gate.  We've seen our family and friends more, hosted a lot of friends in the antique business staying with us,  been away a few weekends, went to a friend's apple butter making gathering and to farm tours ~ (we are working on it!) doing different things we couldn't do when the shop was open every Saturday. At first it seemed odd to leave on a Saturday morning and not have the shop open. We haven't closed the shop ~ it's just half open. We love having workshops with Janice and blessed with our friend Karen who is our right hand gal!  Two of my friends while visiting me one day suggested a "friends gathering" at the shop and with Dave's okay we did it and it was a blast. So much fun we decided to do it for Christmas (November 18, 10-3) BUT one day, a few hours and ~ and ~ asking God
What I do realize is that I have become a home body. When I was asked to rest before my blood transfusions I thought it would be hard. It was a little hard but I didn't hate it.  I read A TON and now TOGETHER WE dream of our future with many more blessings to put in bigger baskets yet!  
                                                                      SO HOLD ON!
with humble gratitude, love to you all, Audrey Ann