Friday, October 12, 2018

Happy National Farmer's Day!

We were dating and as I drove up the driveway I couldn't believe 
so much ground plowed up.
What was Dave doing? He ruined the front lawn for sure. I was a town girl.  As I mentioned it to a neighbor she told me the neighbors were so excited...
Dave was planting again. 
 Dave's first wife passed away and so did the his dreams of planting and farming. He started to raise two little girls on his own. He worked in the local steel mill and
plowed away at life not at the ground. 

 he's an artist ~ he's a welder 
he's a good husband ~ father ~ provider
he's a good Christian man
farming is his passion

After we married he wanted to get beef cows again and I felt intimidated by large animals.
My neighbor the Steele's are sheep farmers and so we settled on sheep.
We raised sheep together.
 My son helped with fencing and round up the sheep when needed.
My daughter Sarah stood in the corner of the barn reading out loud my "sheep book" with directions as I swung our lamb Betsy Ross (born on Flag day) in the barn with centrifugal force because the turkey baster was not working to clear Betsy's pathways.

Years have passed and I understand why the ground was plowed
My children understand about plowing ~ all three have it in their spirit
plowing is moving through
plowing is hard
plowing is fortitude
plowing reaps good things sown
We have plowed through many life experiences together
And I am grateful for all the farmers in my life!