Friday, March 11, 2016


early in the morning ~ we took a walk around the farm
knowing we are so blessed to be living where we live
only hearing the frogs and what's in our head
hearing and smelling Spring in the air

we took off January and February in the shop
we were closed to customers but busy behind the scenes

we worked together on our website ~ putting tons of thought and hours into it
wanting it to be a real sampling of who we are

we cleaned the shop ~ we worked in the Walker Farmhouse cellar

we did find time to do a puzzle together ~ and other fun stuff

Audrey Ann did do some painting (that always makes her happy)

we rearranged furniture in the house (that's always a January tradition)

we thought long and hard ~ talked long and hard
what we choose and hope for
for retirement years ~ still we are young ~ wanting to do things while we are healthy
family plans ~ shop ~ sheep ~ travel ~ tractor shows ~ antique shows
lavender fields ~ farmer's market ~ open houses ~ shop hours
what we really want to do ~ feeling blessed we can do what we want
rearranging our "plates" ~ rearranging ~ our plans ~ goals

having a shop forces one to live somewhat in the future
still learning
living for today ~ because that's what really counts

Blessings from the farm ~ Farmer Dave & Audrey Ann