Monday, February 1, 2016


Wow, it's almost February ~ where did January go?

Farmer Dave blogged about projects

I never had a "New Year Resolution"

Maybe I do this year ~ small batches ~that's what's on my mind

Now we are both retired ~ empty nesters ~ life is different

Everything we've done ~ large batches

When we raised sheep ~ it was large ~ large batches
Two breeds ~ two pastures ~ keeping rams where they belong

I still am cooking in large batches
You know ~ when all the kids were home ~ their friends
Our mother's at the table  ~ but now small batches are ok
I love to bake in large batches ~
I don't know if I could in small batches ~ I could try

Moving my ggg grandfather's house ~ that was a LARGE batch

We've been working on a new website
We will have two on-line stores (small batches?)
One will be First Friday's
So I am telling myself small batches
Not like the eBay days when we put large batches on for sale
Small batches are ok
Maybe some months just a few ~ maybe more

We are thinking of getting sheep again ~ we both miss them
We are thinking what breed ~ we loved both our breeds
Suffolk ~ Naturals
Small batches Audrey ~ SMALL BATCHES 

Oh and by the way the website is finally here
We are hoping you like it
We love to share our country life ~ in large batches!

                        Love, Audrey Ann



  1. Nice post! We became empty nesters a few weeks ago. I'm trying to navigate this strange new life. I will have to take your "small batches" motto!

  2. Good morning Bonnie! I am finding out that I have to work at changes. I saw on Fb that your son moved out ~ I put your family on my morning prayer list. Love your posts! Have a great week! Blessing, Audrey