Sunday, February 28, 2016


Years ago I came home from work and my bride was
repainting the family room
It was not the "RIGHT WHITE"
Now in our bedroom she is painting the trim and when I peek in she says
"I don't think it's the RIGHT WHITE"
 I panicked with only a little bit of trim painted
Our bedroom is about 20 by 20 so that would be tons of repainting the baseboard and trim all around the ceiling, window, cupboard all our best interest

I begged her to let's go to the store and find the RIGHT WHITE
with a new shower curtain in the bathroom it was not the
with the theme of the year of finishing projects I did finish the trim and bead board in the bathroom
My bride painted it the RIGHT WHITE
What I have learned
When you decorate it's important that the colors are right
It's important you love the color ...because...well
I won't tell you how long ago it's been since I came home 
to the right white in the family room
I understand the "RIGHT WHITE"
R----I----G----H----T !  ?

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