Friday, November 9, 2018

Sheep Breeds and the Best of my Life

Most of my life is behind me ~ so I wonder ~
could the best of my life be before me.
  Years ago we went down the road, picked a few sheep out and brought them home. I didn't know a thing about animal husbandry or breeds. We brought home the most beautiful full bred Suffolks! I was so excited!! 
Stanley (Stuch) was so handsome and he threw the best looking lambs. Our vet said he was his favorite looking Suffolk ram ever.

And if you know me there was a rescue in there at some point. Fluffy was headed for auction. She came home and lived her days out here. The picture below is Fluffy on the right and she was born deformed but she was the gentlest of any sheep we've had.
Farmer Dave and I said this time around we will take our time and pick out the breed we want. We had naturals too. We had three pastures ~ two breeds and were very careful to keep every one where they were supposed to be!
We sold Frank's wool real fast! Frank was not like a normal ram. He followed me like a dog.

In the past year we've travelled thinking about breeds ~ we've been to fiber fairs in 3 states, agricultural fairs, farm shows and sheep farms.  We both love history and preservation so we were thinking Leicester Longwools ...we've been offered to rescue a few....That's probably a yes for me. But what do we do???!!!
This past March we take a short drive down the road and bring home 3 sheep from the original farm where we  started from. Two Dorset and a Suffolk Hampshire mix. WHAT?! That wasn't planned. But look, they are the best! Pictured are
Colleen ~ Anne ~ Brigid
 I loved my Suffolks. I don't think I can live with out them. With getting Leicester Longwools, maybe a few more Dorsets, I know it means more pastures, more rams, more play....I just don't think I can live without my Suffolks. I told a fiber artist I was getting Suffolk again and she snubbed her nose at me. Oh they aren't a Leicester wool, I get it. But my Suffolk were the best moms, the best personalities and very striking. I actually learned to spin on Suffolk wool and I love their wool for felting. So perhaps we will have Suffolk, Dorset and Leicester Longwools. I have to honestly say I love all breeds and do not discriminate any breed. They all are beautiful!!!  I love sheep. Period. And with sheep


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