Saturday, May 12, 2018

Mother's Day & May Musings

Happy Mother's Day! It's been about 7 months ago that we blogged so I had to think how to blog again...really. Looking over the last blog I thought I would update you with my blood problem. I was at the doc's a few weeks ago and my blood count was the best it's been in TEN years. I came home on cloud nine but the farmer knew I was better already. I wasn't "stopping for nothing." Thank you for all your concerns and love for us during that time.
I love the month of May and Mother's Day. Childhood memories bring me back to the lilacs always blooming in May. Every year we cut a bouquet of lilacs from a lilac tree in our back yard that stood not far from my dad's outdoor fireplace that he proudly built.  Wrapped up in wet paper towels then put into a plastic bag and off to grandma's house. It was a yearly tradition. To this day I love to give lilacs on Mother's Day, gifting them to someone special. Being a mom has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. The picture below is a little blurry with the sun but I love all the smiles on their faces. I love my family ~
When the farmer and I were first married the very first Spring together we planted 7 lilac trees. We have at least four varieties. More have been added since then. This morning was a wonderful morning to cut and make bouquets. I have bouquets in our farmhouse and the Walker Farmhouse. They are everywhere!
I don't mind doing dishes with lilacs right beside me.

We decided to close our shop for the summer. We actually wrestled with the idea but decided to put our energies into a few projects we want to finish. We realize we love this new rhythm on the farm. We love workshops, a few events and the here and the whenever.  We are having fun getting ready for a show we are doing this summer. Janice  from The Garden Shed is planning pop up workshops and our Lavender Day will be July 28th. Without constantly being open we have time for each other, the grandchildren, our new dye garden, our lavender and herb garden and some traveling in there too.  Farmer Dave has been out birding and seeing many species. He has a lot of projects planned for the and of course...the farm news!!!

The farmer and I are proud parents again of little lambs and more will be coming to the

Happy Mother's Day! To all moms and to my shepherdess friends!
                                                Love, Audrey Ann





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