Tuesday, May 10, 2016


For our events at the farm we usually hang quilts in front of  the tractor shed and they sorta hide "stuff" in the tractor shed. But me bride thought it would be fun to change up and hang some feed sacks. I loved the idea (now why didn't I think of that!) and out they came.

We lined them up on the lawn to see which ones we wanted to hang. This was a fun decorating project for us.  We were about to celebrate 20 years as a brick and mortar business. Before our brick and mortar business we did shows, sometimes more than 12 a year. We were asking each other...were we crazy? 3 very active kids, raising sheep, jobs...were we crazy?  How did we do it? When you love what you do it's not crazy.  It was fun discussing the feed sacks. Where did we buy them? People we have bought them from. Friends we have made along the way.  What was it that attracted us to the bought ones?
Graphics. Purina.  Pratts. 

cute faces...a chick family...a rare one with a cow on it.

one of my favorites...Clover Farm
I love feed sacks from local mills
 I ran out with one of my Purina clothes pin bags
my sweet bride was loving it
almost done
We liked so many we extended the line over to the house
This project reminded me how much we really do love what we do
So many people were complimenting Audrey on her feed sacks and wanting to buy them but they are my collection and if you know me I rarely sell from my collections, I still enjoy them.  I also collect egg baskets with farm advertising on them but then that 's for another blog post.
I don't think I paid more than $5 for any of them
 think these are like clothes fashions ~ coming around again!
Farmer Dave

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  1. Love those feed sacks Farmer Dave, I would not give them up either!!